VIVA Forum L

VIVA fulfils its dual purpose of helping concentration through areas for individual use and promoting collaboration between employees. Forum L encourages such interaction, and, with it, we propose a different way of creating your meeting spaces.

We believe that special attention should be paid to the design of these spaces because meetings are key to team rapport. Not only should they be practical and functional; they should also be comfortable and attractive in order to stimulate creativity and enhance both productivity and well-being.

Forum L allows you to create dynamic areas which help foster relationships between colleagues. With a wide range of configurable modules, Forum L generates spaces which are perfect for this purpose, with multiple options and features, such as auxiliary tables or tables which you can sit or stand around.

One of its chief features is the snaking design with subtle turns which can be oriented in any direction. This, coupled with the wide range of finishes available, means that the Forum L can fit into any environment.

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