New life, new spaces



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New life, new spaces

Our life has been forced to a drastic change. It is time to evaluate, to work out our creativity and to be optimistic about changes in order to normalize our new way of life as soon as possible. Dynamobel is working in that direction, our goal is to create spaces and products with one purpose: your health and well-being at a personal and work level.

Flexible offices

Our lives will be adapted to the new change in the workplace, in public places and in our private environment. New spaces and new protocols will be generated, and we will contribute to your well-being and protection. We will work together and create healthy environments.

“Changes in the density, distribution and division of spaces are required”

Public spaces

Public spaces require, even, more attention due to the number of people using them. The easy-to-clean and disinfect materials offered by Dynamobel, for this new normality, are key in the use of these spaces

“Welfare, health, hygiene and adaptation are key in the new spaces”

Home office

Without being prepared, we have had to adapt our houses and transform them into our office. Desks that rotate or are retractable providing a large workspace and which become the minimum expression when not in use.

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