Neta Operational

Lluís Peiró

Despite this well-known design with similar lines in the market, this model was conceived by strictly basing its composition on the apparent as much as on the profound, with the objective of achieving an object permanently in vogue.

The American architect Louis Kahn defines these bases as “inspired techniques” which allows them to be candidates for the transformation into classics. The sum of the quality of what is strictly necessary is path that leads to elegance.


This is the most basic version of the range. It consists of a simple frame on legs that may be additionally configured with covers and electrification channels. Accessories such as a column for running cables, CPU supports, cable ducts and complements like front panels are other options available for this outstanding version from the Neta range.

The operational version of this range allows you to group several stations together, which is a current trend that allows sharing space with other co-workers, facilitating group work and communication with other staff members. The range of finishes is limited to lacquers and laminates for work surfaces, with the aluminum parts being the factor in common with the executive package.

This is the version with the best capacity for electrification in the range. It is equipped with a central duct with two opposing folding covers that are separated by a profile that allows you to install panel dividers and vertical elements. Unlike the Tec line where both channels extend to the end of the table, regardless of its width, tables in the Neta range have channels with a fixed width of 120 cm that are centered with respect to the overall frame width on the double station.

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