F. J. Mangado

Francisco Mangado bases his idea of architecture on a set of clear, conclusive premises which steer his approach to creation; the idea of well-made architecture with its own density, its own depth, which aims to solves challenges sensitively and intelligently, while at the same time being capable of proposing, provoking, surpassing, transgressing, providing society with more than what society requires of it. Prima, the auditorium seat created by Mangado for Dynamobel resumes all this intent: a technically meticulous, timeless, elegant object.

Mangado is now a key reference point on the architectural and academic scene. He lectures at the Universities of Navarre, Harvard and Yale, among others. He also has a long list of awards, special mentions and acknowledgements to his name. His most representative works include: the Conference Centre and Auditorium of Navarre, the Palencia Exhibition and Conference Centre; Place Pey-Berland in Bordeaux; Madrid’s Plaza Felipe II; the Vitoria Archaeological Museum; the Ávila Conference and Exhibition Centre; the Palencia Football Stadium; the Spanish Pavilion for Expo Zaragoza 2008, etc.

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