VIVA Informal meeting


Given the need to provide work spaces with furniture for more informal meetings, Dynamobel has developed this range of clean-cut tables which focus all the interest on the user. Within the range of informal meeting tables available, we can distinguish between tables designed to be placed up against walls and individual tables.


The main feature of these tables is the combination of two types of legs on the sides, creating an asymmetrical profile and reinforcing the solidity of the structure, while also lending the table great personality. The cable management options mean it is possible to connect devices via the table and bring technology to the meetings held around it.

The flush-to-wall table is the ideal complement for those work areas in which there is already a device mounted on the wall or on another piece of furniture. The table allows you to round off a collaborative space which encourages user participation and connectivity. Its straight or curved lines permit greater integration depending on the environment in which it is installed, but not for this reason does it neglect its chief objective, that of creating comfortable meeting areas in multitasking settings.

Many work environments incorporate specific solutions to meet their multimedia requirements. It is common to find monitors, speakers, reproduction equipment and other devices attached to the wall or built into made-to-measure furniture.

For situations of this kind, Dynamobel has come up with a range of free-standing tables especially designed to be placed up against walls and create more interactive meeting areas.


A table aimed at work areas and communities whose understated elegance and chameleon-like ability to adapt to any space always makes it a safe bet.

A wide range of sizes, heights and table-top shapes makes this table the best choice to blend in anywhere. Its clean, well-defined lines reduce it to the minimal expression and make it both functional and timeless at the same time.

The individual tables in the Viva programme respond to the need for auxiliary furniture in workplaces and communities, and the perfect balance they strike between minimalist forms and stability, be it with tapered legs, spoked base or square base, means they always blend in.

Sometimes inspiration comes to us in the most unexpected places, away from our usual work environments, and leads to great ideas and progress with the projects we address every day. That is why this range of meeting tables puts the users centre stage with the clear intention of providing them with the break they need from their working day and a place for meetings and informal chats.

Without neglecting comfort and functionality at any time, Viva individual tables come in a wide range of sizes, heights and shapes, making them highly versatile.

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