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Based in the emblematic Eurocentro building in the heart of Madrid’s financial district, it has modern premises covering almost 3,000 m2 designed to provide its customers and employees with the best possible service.

350 workstations were installed in 2 phases. The first phase, which involved the installations on the 5th and 11th floors, was completed in September 2015 and the second phase concluded in November with the installation on the 6th floor and the redesign of the 11th.

The firm’s Management and employees were greatly involved in the design of the work areas and, beyond the actual design itself, the result manages to create an environment which:
Reflects, projects and boosts the CHARACTER OF THE COMPANY (Mission, Vision and Values)

  1. Aids IMPLEMENTATION of its HR policies
  2. Reinforces its STRATEGY objectives
  3. Organises and structures INTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS
  4. Enhances and boosts internal COMMUNICATION
  5. Facilitates organisational COHERENCE
  6. Encourages social interaction


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