El Portal del Clot

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  • Customer:
    FS Mobel
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  • Products:
    • TRAZO visitor chair
    • Clic Management
    • Tec Meeting
    • M92

The company Ferrovial Agroman has been in charge of creating the service networks and adaptation of the installations of Portal el Clot. Amongst them, there will be an area for administrative archives, the base for the Local Police and the Urbanism, Construction and Creama offices.

The new city hall building, in the Portal del Clot, was built 5 years ago at a cost of 6.6 million euros. Since then, it has been empty and completely open-plan, waiting for a company to embark upon adapting the inside and accommodating municipal offices.

FSMOBEL was in charge of furnishing the recently-equipped installations. In order to do this, they used the following Dynamobel programmes: M92/11 in partitions, C-Series in furniture and Trazo in seating.

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