Teulada Moraira

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The plot that the new Auditorium of Teulada-Moraira occupies is physically located in the first and higher of the two parts of the municipality, Teulada, at the highest point of the town, from which the other part, the coastal district of Moraira, is clearly visible.

Thanks to its unique location, the building is visible from both parts of the municipality, serving, to an extent, as a symbol of urban unity, which, whilst not based on actual physical continuity, does exist in terms of territory, landscape and, of course, culture…

While the main feature of Arpa is its metal core, it does not compromise on the warmth that furniture of this kind requires.

We worked with steel to come up with a functional, understated design in which all points of contact with the user are pleasant and comfortable.The original, harp-like leg design on the seat lends it personality.