Universidad Navarra

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The University of Navarra is a Christian-inspired university, initially founded by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, also the founder of Opus Dei. Its mission is to seek out and transmit the truth, contribute to the academic, cultural and personal formation of its students; promote scientific research and teaching; offer excellent possibilities of development to its professors and employees, and undertake broad-based cultural outreach and societal promotion work, with a clear purpose of service.

The main work centred on classrooms, developing lines of desks with concealed fronts, adapted to the requirements of each room, including curved areas.

“Tren” work stations were also designed for common areas, with power supplies for mobile devices with wireless Internet connections, made without metal frames using 40mm-thick panels.

Without any doubt, the area which is most representative of the furnishing is in the hall of the “friends building”, the current Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences. In it, the most recent developments based on the collaborative world can be seen as well as a series of made-to-measure products commissioned by the propriety.