Biombo Nexus - Dynamobel

Nexus is designed to separate and organise work spaces. Its simple assembly highlights the modular concept it embodies. The series offers a wide range of features, such as soundproofing, the possibility of fitting organiser accessories, interior cable management and levellers for double and single legs.

It consists of opaque screens, for non see-through separations on which the body of the screen can come with a fabric or laminated finish, and glass screens, which allow for open-plan spaces in which user privacy is respected.

The wide range, the variety of finishes and the many possible combinations for mixed panels, on which the bottom can come with a fabric or laminated finish with the top in glass, allow you to delimit each space according either to the architectural requirements defined by the building or work requirements, which depend on the task to carry out.

Nexus screens also have features which make the range more adaptable.

Nexus 100 screens can come with an effective built-in cable management system which facilitates installation.

Nexus 50 screens can be fitted with interior cable channels which provide good accessibility, optimising the work surface and permitting optimal cable management.

The mixed version of both screens can be made to absorb sound, with the upper section in perforated metal to offer acoustic quality in line with the space.

Nexus 27 includes both desktop screens to separate work stations and free-standing screens.

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