At Dynamobel we have always been committed to design. This intangible property can excite and create special links between products and people.

This attraction capacity acquires special prominence in certain pieces or components of our furniture, but it is, without doubt, in the chair where the “sculptural” concept has its greatest expression.

However, Dynamobel products stand out due to the existing balance between design and functionality. This last attribute is absolutely essential in our sector and has special significance when it develops into versatility or polyvalence.

These new added values of the product are not fruit of coincidence. This is where the “know how” of an experienced workforce and that of a company with a leading track record is of special importance, one which has amongst its ranks highly qualified personnel who can take on new challenges, detect emerging needs and promote new trends which make our world a better place to live in, because the design of our products has been conceived with regard to a more sustainable future.


We step outside of the rigid structure of many companies in the sector in which standard solutions are applied without questioning the limitations which these imply on good ideas.

We work in order to understand the creators and explore ways of resolving their work, which offer an appropriate balance between personalisation and industrialisation.

Good ideas compromise neither form or function. We defend that above all else.