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Cetelem has moved its headquarters to the new Rio55 building on the banks of the Manzanares river. The building contains a total of 13,671 square metres plus 206 parking spaces. The project was developed jointly by the building’s general service department in collaboration with BNP Real Estate. Rio55 is WELL certified, meaning that all the installed products and materials comply with the standard. Dynamobel was awarded the tender for the supply of furniture and partitioning in collaboration with Ergomobil, its Madrid distributor, which has supplied Cetelem with the company’s products since 2011. Working jointly on an exciting proposal based on the project, we were able to display the full potential of our extensive product catalogue.

A large proportion of the work stations installed relied on the Cell rectangular bench. The stations were rounded off with specially designed Quo locker cabinets equipped with card-operated electronic locks. Each cabinet has six individual lockers and shared filing space. Other areas are furnished with height-adjustable Move and Cell desks so workers can change posture while working and make the most of flexible, collaborative work systems. The screens between spaces are lined with acoustic PET.

Each of the 7 floors has collaboration, teamwork and informal meeting areas. This is where the VIVA programme comes into its own, with Alcoba, Forum, Puf, Cubby Seat and Multimedia Wall making up the most part of the furniture, together with Trazo seats and cushions for the tiered conference area. All the alternatives used from the Be Wood series are worthy of mention, with the visitor chair, stool, relax soft seating and low table all employed.

The Line partition with black profiling, combining single- and double-glazed modules with blind oak-finish modules, is a mainstay of the project. In the executive area, the offices are fitted with white-lacquered glass for use as whiteboards. The doors have acoustic seals and the technical modules house switches and other electronic systems alongside the frame. Line is structurally strong enough to support cantilever tables and screens. It lines Phone booth spaces, created to provide acoustic privacy so one or more people can find some peace and quiet in a warm atmosphere. The versatility of Line, the quality of its finishes and its special curved features leave the stamp of quality of the programme on the entire installation.

The wide variety of meeting rooms demonstrates the potential of the Vira table: wooden or metal legs; single or used in conjunction; rectangular, barrel-shaped or trapezoidal; standard height or for use standing up or with stools; with work tops in laminate or anti-fingerprint HPL. All this combined with BeWood wooden chairs, Trazo sled-base and swivel chairs, and Trazo stools with footrest hoop.

Photography: Javier Serrano Alix / Dynamobel


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