Guillermo Huarte

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    Guillermo Huarte
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Dynamobel’s 1:10 partition system is a programme which places a premium on aesthetics, without ignoring functionality. That is why it has been chosen by the financial adviser Guillermo Huarte to provide his offices with a space distribution system with which to create meeting areas by means of a double-glazed partition that brings a more spacious feel and greater light to the premises.

Due to the nature of his work, the meetings he holds with clients often call for privacy and confidentiality. Dynamobel successfully solved this requirement with a new, unique polarised glass system thanks to which the glazed partition frosts over at the simple touch of a button, turning the meeting area into a totally private space in an instant.

The 1:10 system and other Dynamobel partition programmes have for some time been available with the option of a venetian blind between the two panes which can also be used to bring privacy to office spaces. The system is activated by turning a knob fitted on the partition profile or the door frame.


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