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The Crystal Tower, one of the four skyscrapers which make up Madrid’s current skyline, has a new tenant. KPMG, one of the ‘Big Four’ in the world of professional services, has moved into this Mutua Madrileña-owned building, which has the honour of being the tallest skyscraper in Spain and boasts category A environmental certification.
KPMG Spain, which provides firms with auditing, tax and legal, financial and business consultancy services, recently transferred its 2,400 employees in Madrid from their previous location in Torre Europa.

The key features of the communal work areas include face-to-face bench-style work stations separated by PMMA screens in different colours (4), chiefly KPMG’s corporate blue. The white desktops have hinged cable management covers running all along the front and the ends rest on cabinets with hinged doors and an imitation wood finish.
The same common areas also contain differentiated double work stations separated by high upholstered screens with independent auxiliary units with different compartments for area supervisors.

The partitioned offices are furnished with special made-to-measure units based on an original design of great height and width which completely cover one wall.

Photography: Javier Serrano Alix / Dynamobel

Design of the project: CBRE Arquitectura.