Société Générale – Les Dunes

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Société Générale is going to move 5,500 employees from various IT departments currently housed in different buildings in the La Defense area to a new office building in Val-de-Fontenay. This project will allow the group to create a “Technopolis” to provide a platform for the new digital era in Société Générale. Its “Technopolis” will be equipped with a gym, green areas and restaurants, amongst other facilities.

The new headquarters consists of five 8-storey avant-garde buildings designed by the French architect Anne Demians which emulate sand dunes and contain more than 90,000 m2 of office space.

To win this tender, Dynamobel had to better the proposals of 11 world-class manufacturers. In order to do this, it adapted its height-adjustment solutions to meet SG’s needs, achieving a work station considered a cut above the rest. Thanks to this development, Dynamobel has taken a lead in the market for cutting-edge solutions for the modern workplace.

SIEMENS GAMESA Renewable Energy (SGRE)