Teatro Echegaray

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The theatre Echegaray following refurbishment, restoring not only its old appearance but also its functionality, Teatro Echegaray is now once again the foremost cultural landmark in the town of Ontinyent.

The theatre can seat a total of 542 people: 327 in the stalls and 215 in the circle. The 45 seats in the middle of the stalls can be dismantled to form a temporary central passageway when required.

This theatre was refurbished by the architect Carlos Montesinos. The Lira auditorium seat, in this case in red with an armrest made of high-density foam coated with black fabric, makes visiting the theatre an extremely comfortable experience for the audience.

The different inclinations of the seat were achieved by modifying the legs, adapting them to the sloping floor and the user’s field of view.

Ayuntamiento Oropesa
Sheikh Zayed Academy