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    UZA (Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen)
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    • LIRA

As a university hospital, UZA not only invests in innovation and research, but also in all those who work there, making it a leading enterprise when it comes to fostering and furthering the skills and capacities of its team members.

Lira, the auditorium chair with which Dynamobel has furnished the UZA lecture theatre, was painstakingly worked on to arrive at an impeccable, uncontrived, functional design. The main visual feature of the seats fitted lies in the rounded corners on the legs, which harmonise the overall effect.

The Lira chairs used have retractable lecterns with power points built into the backrests for users to rest things or write on. The semicircular layout of the seating enhances the acoustics within the theatre and provides those attending with a better view.

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