Yves Rocher

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    • SLAT 16 Work chair
    • SLAT4C visitor
    • CELL concept
    • Clic Management
    • Tec Meeting
    • Cell pedestal

Yves Rocher, leader in facial cosmetics in France and present in Spain with 170 shops, inaugurates its new headquarters of the Spanish branch in the San Fernando de Henares Business Park (Madrid), one of the main enterprise campuses of the Community of Madrid. The company, which has 90 employees in its new offices, embarks on a new project which coincides with the expansion plan envisaged for this year and with the objective of creating unique experiences for a brand with a history of employees and clients.

The new offices hold 90 employees and are home to the Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Operations, Expansion, Retail, Marketing and Communication departments.

CBRE has been the leader of this new implementation in which the Dynamobel products have a very significant presence. There are expansive work areas joined together with the Cell programme and the Slat16 chair, together with smaller offices furnished with the Clic bench concept. The meeting rooms have been equipped with Tec tables and Slat4C chairs.

Photography: Javier Serrano Alix

Project design: CBRE Arquitectura.