The new Naturgy offices: the latest Contel – Dynamobel Project

Naturgy, a company which operates in the electricity and gas industries, is designing its new offices in Madrid and Barcelona with the aid of Contel, which has included Dynamobel furniture solutions in the project. The company sought to create a pleasant, welcoming collaborative workspace, a growing trend following the pandemic, to accommodate 60% of its workforce. 

This is the latest project carried out by Contel and Dynamobel, who have now been working together for more than 35 years. Thanks to the knowledge and capacity for innovation the two companies share, the results achieved have exceeded the customer’s expectations with customised, made-to-measure solutions. 

We take this opportunity to speak with Montse Martínez, Senior Project Development Manager at Contel, about the Naturgy project and the relationship between Contel and Dynamobel. 

Montse Martínez, Senior Project Development Manager at Contel
  • What did the project for Naturgy consist of?

‘We started the project by analysing what was needed with the customer and got down to searching for solutions. The company wanted a pleasant, welcoming collaborative workspace. Collaboration is an increasingly important factor in the industry which consists of creating open-plan offices where workers can do more than one task in the same space. This encourages networking and means that the workers can perform their tasks in more than one environment.

On the basis of this premise, Contel worked with the idea of creating open-space operational areas with flexible, spacious collaborative workspaces and developing common areas and spaced traffic flows. Personalised work where every corner was designed with great attention to detail was carried out for the management areas and more specific spaces, like the reception, canteen and meeting rooms.’ 

  • You opted for some of our solutions to furnish these offices. Which ones did you choose?

‘Yes, we chose a number of Dynamobel solutions, specifically those designed to respond to the new work and office model which aims to encourage cooperation between professionals working in the same company and develop spaces without barriers. In this vein, we went for the CELL desk, which allowed us to create departmental work islands, and the BENCH solution with 6,4 and 2 workstations. 

BENCH solution
CELL desk

The health and well-being of the workers also played a fundamental part in this project. That’s why we installed MOVE EVO height-adjustable desks, which contribute to ergonomics. 


And finally, the elegance and comfort achieved with your BE WOOD chairs, which have helped create a warm environment and that homely feeling that companies are so looking for nowadays. 

BE WOOD chairs


The more-than-35 years that the two companies have worked together shows that the relationship between Contel and Dynamobel works: Contel analyses and transmits customer requests, and Dynamobel offers its technology and engineering know-how to integrate innovative products, always working on highly demanding premises when it comes to ergonomics and sustainability.

Contel’s teamwork

Together we have worked on all kinds of projects, from large corporate headquarters, bank offices and public institutions to facilities for companies with international, national and even local potential, with customers which include Naturgy, MGS, Banco Mediolanum, the Valencia Justice Centre and many others.