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The adaptability of workspaces, key to survival

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the reality to which society, individuals and organisations were accustomed and has done so in a disruptive manner to which we have had to adapt very quickly.  

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Post-COVID: Redesigning the Workspace

September, the moment of truth. So this is the month when the immediate priority of many companies will be for people to get back to work on-site as quickly and safely as possible.

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Energy storage

Yill es una pequeña unidad de almacenamiento portátil. Permite suministrar energía suficiente a un puesto de trabajo durante dos o tres días. Yill cuenta con una batería recargable de litio-titanio que mejora las prestaciones de las de iones de litio al recargarse más rápido y tener una vida útil más larga.

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