The adaptability of workspaces, key to survival

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the reality to which society, individuals and organisations were accustomed and has done so in a disruptive manner to which we have had to adapt very quickly.  

Today we are talking with the manager of Dynamobel’s Occupational Risk Prevention Service, Germán Monreal, on the importance of adapting workspaces to set up offices which not only ensure the safety of those working in them but can also help companies survive in this period of uncertainty.

How can an optimal workspace design contribute towards occupational risk prevention in a company?

Current legislation states that it is required to do so. Workspaces must be safe and comfortable. As prevention officers, one of our jobs is to oversee compliance with that legislation in our companies so people can go about their business as comfortably as possible.

Our goal is for employees to work in the best possible conditions, which helps increase job satisfaction, improves the quality of the work they do and reduces work-related ailments.

With the arrival of the pandemic, a lot of restrictions and rules have come in. Is it possible to adapt all workspaces to meet these new regulations?

Right now adaptability is key to the survival of our current model. Fortunately, we often surprise ourselves even when we realise how adaptable we tend to be. This, together with developments in science and technology, means that every day we have a clearer idea of what we need to do to deal with this virus.  

A lot of things may need to be done. Due to the way COVID-19 spreads, one of the most important of these is to properly design workspaces, which can’t be like they used to be anymore.

There is no single answer to how we should go about adapting them because each workspace is unique, but, as I said before, with what we now know, we are more than capable of delivering.

In this respect, the participation and collaboration of prevention technicians in adapting workspaces to this new reality and the new regulations issued since the pandemic started are essential.

Can a company like Dynamobel help businesses protect their workers physically, mentally and socially?

Before the pandemic, Dynamobel already had an extensive catalogue of products which made it easy to accommodate a company’s needs. Thanks to that, and all the great work put in by the team in a very short space of time, we have been able to augment even further the catalogue to make available to our customers the best workspace solutions around to meet the current circumstances.

As I said earlier, no two workspaces are alike, and Dynamobel’s products fit perfectly into any kind of design. Improving working conditions improves the health of those using those spaces.

In my own work, Dynamobel’s new solutions have made it easier to redesign our own premises and so far the results have been great.