Clic is a new desk programme that can be used to organise individual work stations and group work stations, both in rows and face-to-face. The programme was designed so that the desks could incorporate basic cable management and personalisation elements, and be joined up with other desks, if required, thanks to their projecting metal components. The desk consists of a self-supporting metal frame that defines its personality with a laminated desk top.

Quite a common kind of layout in modern-day offices. When the approach to work is based on group work, bench layouts provide the ideal solution. Everyone shares the work area, but they each have their own space. The storage units serve a twofold function: storage and space distribution. In this example, there is a lot of filing capacity per work station, two units per person, but the office landscape concept is not lost because the storage units are only medium height.

Individual work stations can also be fitted in open-plan offices. New technology and mobile networks now mean that people spend more time out of the office. With this work model, it is no longer necessary to assign a specific work station to each person. Mobility has also come to the work station, which is personalised as soon as it is occupied and takes on the identity of each new user thanks to the company’s computer and telephone network.

Time in the office is brief and used to think about things, do desk work and share ideas and decisions with workmates. When working like this, filing requirements are basic and often shared.

Leaving the office landscape approach, we return once again to a bench-style work station to cover group work requirements. In this case, the suggested solution lends greater privacy to the work station, delimited in front by a vertical panel and on the side by storage. There is not a great deal of filing capacity and the office is organised into small islands that can prove ideal when it comes to splitting up different departments.

This solution is typical of major, large-scale offices. The work stations are very open and extra large, the ends of the work desks combining with desk-height storage units. Individual filing space is limited as filing is now less a personal and more a general office requirement, meaning that set-ups like this often resort to other filing solutions such as floor-to-ceiling cabinets or special adaptations, like wall storage.

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