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The Loyola University Andalusia has two Campuses: the Seville Palmas Altas campus and the Córdoba ETEA campus. Easy to access and well communicated, both campuses have facilities equipped with the most technologically advanced systems around.

The University’s Seville Palmas Altas Campus occupies two buildings with a total floor space of 16,300 m2 in a seven-building complex which belongs to the technology firm Abengoa.

The work of Pritzker prize-winning architect Richard Rogers’ team, Palmas Altas has been awarded Leed Platinum certification, the highest in its category, from the US Green Building Council for its design, construction and sustainability standards.

The Córdoba ETEA Campus is now home to the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. The campus, which currently consists of four buildings, is operational and expanding.

Modern EHEA-grade classrooms, sports facilities, a language laboratory and an assembly room with a capacity for 250 people make up the complex where the more-than-2,000-strong ETEA university community currently studies, works and carries out research.

The products used at the two sites were identical bar the modesty panels, which were MPL in Seville and metal in Cordoba. All the desks, both those for teaching staff and those for students, are designed to manage wiring. The screens fitted on the desks have built-in lighting.

Another original feature of this installation involved the development of a five-module high, metal locker unit housing 40x40x55 lockers with individual locks.

Lecture theatres with circular pitched floors were also furnished at the university. All the desks in these rooms had to be made to measure because the radius changes depending on the distance of each row from the centre of the theatre.

Guillermo Huarte
Ernst & Young