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Line is the partition system developed by Dynamobel to meet the needs of today’s market, which demands highly competitive technical products with clean-cut, minimalist designs.

Most of the components in the programme have been designed from scratch with the confidence that comes with over 47 years of experience in the partitioning business. This is a definite plus when it comes to launching a programme like Line, which is set to hit the market as the natural heir to consolidated partitions such as the M92, on which the profiling is of such great prominence.

The breadth of the Line range, both in terms of products and finishes, is sure to amaze you. No other partition system on the market offers such an extensive programme and such a wide range of finishes, all consonant with our entire range of furniture.

Line is a completely new programme. The profiles that it features are an in-house development based on high-quality aluminium extrusion and forge the identity of the programme in all its forms. Line caters for single- and double-glazed partitions. The profiling on all the options is the same on both the top and bottom runners.

Used in conjunction with the blind partition, the 1V partition is the ideal solution when it comes to providing the privacy required in order to carry out certain tasks in the office work space. This page shows a layout using these partitions with Clarit hinged doors.

The Line range includes sliding doors. Sliding doors are the ideal choice when space is a problem and create a sensation of unhindered continuity when left open. On Line, the sliding doors run on the outside of the partition and can, therefore, be fitted without any need for complex assembly work. Blind, glazed with 40 profiling and Clarit versions are all available.

Technical partitioning is ideal for cable management and high levels of soundproofing, and offers the most reliable solutions in terms of recyclability and reusability. Line specifically focuses on all these aspects and includes a wide variety of modules and assemblies to meet every requirement, from the most basic to the most demanding.

Like all good partition systems, Line has a specific development for double-glazed modules. This solution provides the partitions with great acoustic properties and lends the spaces created the level of distinction which the offices used by senior management require. Both the blind and glazed doors are perfectly flush with the partition.

Line also comes with polished and anodised aluminium terminations, a striking option which sets the partitioning apart and provides it with a luxury finish.

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