VIVA Alcoba


The new office work model, with a preference for open spaces, calls for solutions for everyday tasks which require privacy, discussion and concentration.

Viva Alcoba is the new concept that Dynamobel has come up with to meet such requirements, an easy-to-implement solution which blends in with the work environment.

The concept behind the programme is based on the screen, to which Dynamobel has given shape and added functionality to absorb and contain the noise generated in the office, preventing it from representing an obstacle in the workplace. In addition to these acoustic properties, the screens also offer visual privacy and serve as a support for desks, tables and seats in certain configurations.

Utilisation as an individual work space is one of the many different possibilities which Viva Alcoba has to offer, allowing users who need to concentrate a bit more to use this work station instead of shutting themselves off in a meeting room.

Viva Alcoba’s functional design combines with its aesthetic attributes to make it the ideal programme to bring warmth to the office environment. Its friendly contours, together with a carefully selected range of finishes, makes this Dynamobel product a key component of the collaborative office world.

Versatile and comfortable, Viva Alcoba is a resource which offers multiple possibilities and has been warmly welcomed by users. Whether used as a separate unit within the office or at the core of a network of work stations, it is the perfect way to isolate and connect.

Its clustered form and seating arrangement invites workers to share ideas and information in a close, friendly environment, making communication and interaction between them easier.

Adaptable in terms of shape, size and components, these compartments can be customised with power supplies, cable management, different table and desk surfaces, and VDUs.

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