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    • TRAZO visitor chair
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The multinational leader in BPO solutions, ADP is the largest provider of Personnel Administration outsourcing services in the world, offering Payroll, Personnel Admin and Human Resource management services. Founded in 1949, it has a portfolio of more than 610,000 clients, with a retention rate of 90%, and processes the pay of 1 in every 6 employees in the USA.

Dynamobel had the opportunity to furnish its benchmark offices in Santiago de Chile, located on the 17th and 19th floors of an imposing glass skyscraper on Avenida Apoquindo.

Dynamobel’s Clic, Slat4c and Trazo ranges were used in combination with products, such as conference-room tables and counters, specifically made for the project.

The concept of the company which produced the specifications involved the use of furniture with very minimalist designs opening out onto all the spaces to allow people to contemplate and enjoy the views and natural light afforded by one of the tallest buildings in Santiago de Chile.

ADP’s corporate colours (reds, whites and graphites) were used for this clean-cut installation. The white of the desk tops was combined with the graphite colour of the frames. The drawer units, specially designed for the project, have a white metal shell and a cushion in red fabric on top to store things on and also serve as an auxiliary seat when work needs to be performed jointly by more than one user at the same workstation.

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