Conservatorio Sarasate

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    Gobierno de Navarra
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    • PRIMA

The Music Complex of Navarra, It is a work of architects Fernández Militino & Tellechea, was created as a set of buildings to house the “Pablo Sarasate” Professional Conservatoire and the Higher Conservatoire of Navarra.

Listed as a priority action in Plan Navarra 2012, it consists of two cube-shaped buildings, one to house the “Pablo Sarasate” Professional Conservatoire and the other for the Higher Conservatoire of Navarra, each with its own independent entrance from a square which serves as a meeting point. The two centres have spaces of their own within the architectural complex and share its large, modern Auditorium.

400 Prima seats upholstered with top-quality white leather from the 82 collection were chosen to furnish the auditorium.

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