Lienzo Norte

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The building basically takes up the northern side of a new public space, delimiting, along with the ancient city walls, a new area for leisure. In keeping with the contours of the site, the project combines two different geometries: the more orthogonal and elongated part contains the auditoriums and main halls, whilst the more precipitous and uneven section, adapted to the ground, houses the exhibition areas.

The “Lienzo Norte” can seat more than 2,000 people, 1,392 in the Symphonic and Back Halls. Its exhibition rooms are also a major feature.

The Ávila Conference and Exhibition Centre has several halls and rooms furnished with Prima seats: symphonic hall (992 seats), back hall (398 seats), chamber hall (440 seats) and 3 conference rooms (78 seats) for business events. The latter are furnished with seats fitted with retractable tablets to handle documentation and take notes.

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