Mario Ruiz
1:10 Dynamobel

When skin is everything

This is the leitmotif of 1:10, a reusable, demountable, modular partition system designed by Mario Ruiz which stresses the concept of “skin”. Skin as coating, as the visible part of a whole.

The technology developed for this programme works to the benefit of the overall look and the structural components are concealed behind the decorative surfaces.

1:10 is a system designed to meet different partitioning requirements, from areas separated by glazed modules to create an open-plan feel to absolutely private areas with blind modules. Between these two commonplace options lies a very wide range of requirements which 1:10 solves thanks to the diversity of the modules and assemblies developed.

In real life, it is common to find areas separated off with different levels of privacy. In the office world, in which the trend points towards open spaces, offices and multipurpose rooms demarcated with different types of partition can still be seen. The acoustic requirements of each of these areas is different and 1:10 is there to solve the situation.

The uniqueness of 1:10 becomes even more noticeable when its wide range of finishes is revealed: 37 colours available in polyester epoxy paint, 30 of which have also been developed in lacquer. There are 12 different wood options. The range is rounded off by a selection of vinyl surfaces.

Contemporary architecture often advocates open spaces so that work teams can interact better. Dynamobel has developed a line of furniture programmes that makes designs of this kind easier to compose.

1:10 lives alongside the furniture and its meticulous design, of clear lines and minimal profiling, facilitates integration with the architectural surroundings.

The glass can be fitted in three different ways on 1:10 glazed modules: centred pane, decentred pane (interior or exterior) and double-glazed. The top- and bottom-runner profiles can receive panes between 8 and 12 millimeters thick. When the glass is maximum thickness, the sequence of glazed modules is limitless.

1:10 reveals its true potential in managerial settings. The sobriety and elegance of its lines and the carefully selected range of finishes naturally blend in with such emblematic areas. For areas of this kind, where privacy is an essential requirement, 1:10 has double-glazed partitions and blind modules to ensure an outstanding level of acoustic absorption and insulation.

1:10 Dynamobel

We are returning to the essence of the product, the concept of skin. With these details, we explore clean joints, the visual purity of finishes and the concealed arrangement of structural profiling, without forgetting that behind these solutions, there is a wide range of products and finishes that make 1:10 a differential alternative. All guaranteed by a company whose facilities work with the latest in production technology and whose sales network has a solid footing in Spain and its own branches in several European countries.

The main floors of major companies and the environments created in them often call for special solutions. The versatility of 1:10 means that solutions can be fitted with precision using production technology and then finished off using handcrafted processes. Our team is always ready to look into specific demands, analysing, in each case, whether it is feasible, how the system should be installed and providing a tailor-made quotation.

1:10 & QUO

Finally, if you are looking for a simple, more economical solution to partition your office, 1:10 can be used in conjunction with Quo partitioning.

Quo is Dynamobel’s most basic partition. It is only available in glazed modules. Through a set of assemblies, Quo can be used together with M92/11 and 1:10, programmes which provide a wider product range and whose specifications are very different.

1:10 Dynamobel
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