Banco de Chile

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    Banco de Chile
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    • SLAT 16 Work chair
    • SLAT4C visitor
    • Clic Management

Banco de Chile is one of the most important financial institutions in Chile. It provides a broad client base with a complete range of financial products and services through its network of ATMs and branch offices located throughout most of the country, and its electronic distribution channels.

Dynamobel, in collaboration with the S3 architectural studio (Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados), helped furnish the bank’s headquarters in Paseo Ahumada, a busy pedestrian precinct in downtown Santiago de Chile regarded as the commercial core of the city centre.

The refurbishment consisted of creating open-plan areas and baring the ceilings to expose the building’s guts to lend it a spacious, modern, industrial feel. All the vertical faces were torn down and the surface area with enclosed offices was reduced by 80%. The remaining areas, consisting of office space and conference rooms, were distributed using glazed partitioning with translucent vinyl interlayers, which gives them a feeling of intimacy, while also illuminating the entire floor.

Furniture suitable for the job was chosen for the open-plan areas in the form of functional, minimalist bench desks for 6, 8 and 12 work stations with a fully accessible, concealed cable management system within the reach of users which was specially designed to meet the bank’s requirements.

The Slat C (operator chair) and Slat 4C (visitor chair), both with mesh backrests and finished in black (upholstery and frame), were chosen to meet office seating requirements.

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