1 year without accidents.

From the 25th of July 2014 to the 25th of July 2015, Dynamobel S.A. has achieved 1 year without occupational accidents or illnesses thanks to the occupational risk prevention measures put in place and the responsible attitude of its staff.”

1 año sin accidentes

So states the certificate which Juan Antonio Bronte, Aseyo’s Regional Manager for Navarra, presented to Dynamobel on the 16th of October at a congenial event held at our Peralta facility which was attended by senior staff and managers from the two companies.

Entrega de diploma de Asepeyo

The savings made from a very low accident rate every year since 2009 have been used to reinforce our commitment to Occupational Risk Prevention, highlighting the Senior Management’s commitment to the integration of Occupational Risk Prevention in all our production processes.

Dynamobel organises its prevention work through the Occupational Risk Prevention and Health Service, which consists of staff members, is supported by the ASPY External Prevention Service and works in collaboration with the Mutual Insurance Company ASEPEYO. The Service’s function is to develop everything to do with prevention which may affect our work and collaborate with the entire organisational structure to implement measures and ensure compliance.

Our integrated risk prevention system is achieving constant improvements in our accident rates, which have gradually dropped to include long periods without any kind of accident in the manufacture of our products. The longest of these periods has been the full year referred to in the headline, which is still ongoing.

This has been possible thanks to the training and awareness of our workers, who also recognise the importance of working with increasingly safe processes. These include the use of the resources which the company places at their disposal to ensure work safety and the systematic incorporation of prevention in all the processes we use, and even cover journeys to and from work.

The company’s Senior Management wishes to make the most of this opportunity to thank Asepeyo and all the staff for the commitment they have shown to prevention and encourages everyone to carry on in this direction; it benefits everybody.