Line, Dynamobel’s new partition system

Following on from the success of the 1:10 system, Dynamobel is once again set to revolutionise the partitioning market with the launch of Line, a new programme which aims to solve most compartmentalisation needs thanks to the wide range of possibilities and finishes it offers.

Line, the natural successor of M92

Line is the natural successor of M92, mainly due to the new design it incorporates, which responds to trends in modern-day transparent, minimalist architecture. Its design, clearer-cut and lighter than that of its predecessor, with butt-joint solutions on the blind version, offers an extensive range of possibilities based on a wide assortment of standard modules and assemblies, making the programme ideal for any space-division project. Some of the new solutions include flush hinged doors, both blind and glazed, and sliding doors with external door-sliding gear.

Another noteworthy aspect is the range of finishes. Line is available in wood (18), lacquer (30), melamine (4), vinyl (11) and metal (39) finishes. The visible profiling is also available in polished and anodised finishes, as well as in the usual colours for metal.

In terms of construction, Line makes for a faster, smoother manufacturing process and is designed for quick and easy assembly, resulting in a very competitive solution in the demanding office-partitioning market, with significant cost improvements over the current M92/11 Crystal.

All this without overlooking one of the most important requirements of all partition systems: sound insulation and fire resistance. The chief indicators are:

  • Double-glazed module (6+6 silence). Result Rw= 46 dB
  • Single-glazed module (6+6 silence). Result Rw= 35 dB
  • Double-glazed module (5+5 silence). Result Rw= 42 dB
  • Blind module. Result Rw= 42 dB
  • Metal module. Result Rw= 50 dB
  • Double-glazed floor-to-ceiling single door. Result Rw= 34 dB
  • 90 single door. Result Rw= 35 dB
  • 90 metal single door. Result Rw= 36 dB
  • Metal module. Result b-s1,d0
  • Metal module. Result 1 hour