One more step towards internationalisation: we open a new showroom in London

After the opening of a showroom in Paris last March, Dynamobel continues to cross borders with the aim of continuing to drive our expansion into new markets.

Therefore, following our participation in the 12th edition of the Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 (CDW23) -the most important design festival in the United Kingdom-, we have arrived in the English capital, where we have presented this Tuesday a new exhibition center. The fair, held between May 23 and 25 in the London borough of Clerkenwell, has been a meeting point where the best brands in the interior design’s world have disseminated the latest developments in the sector.

Located at Hodgkin Huxley House (30 Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AW) -in the heart of Clerkenwell- our showroom has carved out a niche for itself among this extensive list of new products. The space offers a cross-section of our company’s most popular ranges and some of the latest additions to our Express Program, which consists of solutions with the fastest delivery times. It’s another novelty that implies a strong competitive advantage for our brand.

Innovative and cost-effective design solutions

The head of Dynamobel in the UK, Martin Bignell, highlights the unique character of Dynamobel’s ideas and the strong benefits of opening the new showroom: “This space will allow us to demonstrate the products at the customer’s convenience and help them to visualize the outcome and quality of their own individual solution. In addition, it will facilitate the selection of innovative, cost-effective and interesting design solutions for large and small office projects.

“Given that the main objective was to open the showroom on time and make a statement to the market that we are here and open again, I believe we have been successful and the proof of this is the new inquiries and new appointments that will be coming in the next few weeks”.

Martin Bignell, head of Dynamobel in the UK.

But that is not all. This new development helps to reinforce our new strategic internationalisation plan, around which the future of Dynamobel’s business is being developed and on which we are currently focusing our work. In this case, London is an opportunity to continue to carry out this plan successfully, thanks to the fact that all kinds of clients involved in office interiors projects from all over the world converge in this city.

“The opening of the new showroom clearly demonstrates how the market works and is a statement of intent on how Dynamobel will form new and long-term relationships with distribution partners in the future”.

Martin Bignell, head of Dynamobel in the UK.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023: an opportunity to grow

With over 130 resident showrooms and more than 200 exhibitors, the development of Clerkenwell Design Week, which this year celebrated its 12th edition, has been an opportunity to boost our brand recognition in the field of innovative workspace furniture design and manufacture.

The fair showcases a wide range of innovative solutions for office interiors, as well as the latest advances that are already shaping the development of the sector. “Being in the centre of the Clerkenwell district also means that we can use the offerings of well-known fabric and accessory companies, as needed, to help create an overall environment that works both aesthetically and functionally,” says Bignell.

In addition, our participation at the show has made it easier for us to apply our planning and design software to create visual drawings and designs in both 2D and 3D. Bignell himself was keen to point out: “As a company, we have a wealth of experience in this field, which we can use to create and design unique office solutions for our customers“.