RI HOUSE, designer Francesc Rifé’s new shop

Today we’d like to show you interior and industrial designer Francesc Rifé’s new shop, in which we have given life to one of Dynamobel’s most distinctive solutions, the Be Wood chairs. 

RI HOUSE is conceived as an extension of Francesc’s studio to form a logical composition of the products and ideas which make up the fabric of his life. He and his team wished to bring together these rational, honest, timeless pieces in this new space located at Josep Bertrand 3, Barcelona.

Today we are talking with Cheché Valdés, the manager of RI HOUSE, so she can take us through the new shop and the concept behind it. 

Cheché Valdés, the manager of RI HOUSE

Why did you decide to launch the RI HOUSE shop? 

After the pandemic, we realised two things which prompted us to venture into this project. First, that despite being completely isolated, technology and empathy have connected us more than ever. And second, branching out from that same idea of isolation and digital connection, no matter how much contact we had in the virtual world, the need to share, see and listen in person became more acute in our lives. 

That’s why at RI HOUSE, we want to be a home where people can live, talk about and share design and art, while through rihouse.shop, we seek to connect with those who are further away.


What can users find in this space? 

First of all, they will find a space defined by visual peace and silence, just like in an art gallery or museum. The primary idea was to create a space using few materials with sober white surfaces so that the details of construction and, above all, the pieces of furniture stand out almost instantly. In addition to furniture, there are also works and objects on display by artists and craftspeople who we wanted to collaborate with.


What are the furniture products on show in this space like? Do they follow a line of design?

They are a compendium of Francesc Rifé and his team’s long career in the field of product design. If I had to define them, I would say that they are all rational, timeless pieces, without excess or embellishment, but all extremely warm and friendly.

There will be some Dynamobel solutions among the products. Which ones and why do you set store by them? 

The Be Wood chairs were a significant design for Francesc and the studio, and they couldn’t be left out of a project like this: a collection which reflects both the warmth of the home and the formality of a workspace. That was just the correlation of ideas we were looking for here.

Be Wood chair