Gonzalo Troyas: “In 2024 we will continue to build on our international expansion”

After the close of a 2023 full of achievements, progress and notable successes for Dynamobel’s growth, we have started 2024 with great expectations for the coming months. Our evolving range of solutions and the progress of our internationalisation strategy have been reinforcing our market positioning, while at the same time they are factors that are guiding us to face new challenges and opportunities with more enthusiasm than ever.

We have talked to Gonzalo Troyas, Sales Director at Dynamobel, to analyse closely the past, present and future situation of our company, as well as its evolution as a reference in the national market.

What recent achievements have been the most outstanding and have driven Dynamobel’s growth?

Gonzalo Troyas (GT): The key to the company’s growth is based on the evolution of the range of solutions that we have offered to the market over the last 2-3 years. This factor has opened the doors for us to be present in other markets. Therefore, the internationalisation of the company has also been one of the pillars in the development of 2023. Our establishment in the French market since our first participation in the Workspace trade fair in Paris is a clear example of this. Dynamobel will attend the fair again this year – which will be held from 26-28 March – and we will take the opportunity to present new products for 2024. In addition, the opening of a new showroom in London has also been an important step forward in our internationalisation plan.

What changes and/or new trends in the sector must Dynamobel adapt to?

GT: The office furniture sector is evolving rapidly to adapt to new ways of working. With younger generations increasingly valuing intangible elements when it comes to making decisions, an attractive, modern and inviting office that invites people to come and work there as a team is key to their development.

On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly common for environmental and sustainability criteria to be taken into account in purchasing decisions. For this reason, large companies are looking for products with a history of sustainability, taking into account the origin of the raw materials and the impact that the product has throughout its useful life until it is recycled at the end of its useful life. At Dynamobel we have this concept very much at heart: we manufacture most of our products with the help of a network of local suppliers, reducing the impact of the carbon footprint of our products and always buying 100% of the components used in Europe.

“Dynamobel has always evolved its product in anticipation of customer needs and always with a sustainability component throughout the value chain”.

In the short-term, what goals does Dynamobel intend to achieve as a business, and in the long-term?

GT:  For 2024, our commercial objective continues to be to establish ourselves as a benchmark manufacturer in distribution both nationally and internationally, guaranteeing a quality service. We are very excited because we have important projects that we are working on together with our partners that should materialise during 2024. Therefore, we hope to continue the growth trend of 2023, a year in which we have grown by more than 15% in sales.

In the long term, we continue to build on our international expansion in order to achieve at least 60% of sales outside the domestic market. This is a challenge that, thanks to the product development we have carried out in recent years and the investment made in sales team and showrooms, is becoming a reality and that we will achieve between 2024 and 2025.