Space design and office furniture, keys to attracting talent

Traditional offices laid out in cubicles, void of windows and with outdated furniture are becoming a thing of the past. Why? The capital companies most desire, people’s talent, steers clear of workspaces of this kind. So much so that, according to a study by, 81% of job candidates are willing to decline an offer if they don’t like the workplace. 

Today more than ever, people want to join companies that take care of and seek the best for them, and not just pursue their own interests. The new trends in the design of office spaces and furniture reflect a radical shift in business priorities, placing a company’s professionals at the centre. The well-being, health and motivation of the workforce have become priority objectives for companies, because the happier the professionals, the better the company’s results. 

Dynamobel’s Shelving house solution

Offices are now a powerful tool when it comes to attracting and holding on to talent, and the workspace design and furniture used play an important role. 


Now that hierarchical organisation is becoming more horizontal and less rigid, cubicles have little to no place in workspaces. Open-plan offices are popping up everywhere to encourage the exchange of ideas between professionals and departments.

Open spaces incorporate other spaces, such as booths, for those tasks that require greater concentration or privacy. 

Dynamobel’s EVA programme (Room)

Spaces without partitions on the one hand and other private spaces for individual work, group meetings, conferences, training workshops, etc.


The idea of having your own desk and your own computer is behind the times. Professionals can do their daily work in one place or another, depending on their needs. Tasks become simpler, more inspiring and more productive in spaces equipped with furniture designed precisely with a specific purpose in mind. 

Furniture which also makes the day-to-day of professionals comfortable, versatile and healthy because it is designed for its users to maintain a correct posture, avoiding movements which can prove harmful in the long run.

Solutions which respect not only people’s health and comfort but also the health of the planet thanks to Dynamobel products that already have Cradle2Cradle certification, which guarantees the cyclability of the materials used within a circular economy system. More and more companies are turning to furniture with sustainability and circular economy certification.