Team Movistar renews its headquarters and incorporates Dynamobel’s Cell desk

The well-known Spanish cycling team Movistar Team has renewed its headquarters in Pamplona (Navarre) as part of major changes the team is bringing in to remain at the forefront and reflect modernity. 

Images by Verne arquitectura. Photographer (Pablo García).

Movistar Team principally sought practicality in its new workspace. To achieve it, it has relied on a Dynamobel solution: the Cell Bench desk, a desk that provides users with the space they need for individual work in open spaces while also enabling interaction with the rest of the team, creating dynamic environments that connect talent. 

Today we’re talking about the new office with Miguel Grávalos, CEO of Abarca Sports, the firm that manages Movistar Team’s male and female categories, and its business area. 

Why did Movistar Team decide to change its offices? 

The refurbishment of our headquarters in Pamplona is part of a set of major changes that Abarca Sports has been implementing over recent years to remain at the forefront and represent modernity, as should be expected from a company that manages a first-rate sports team. 

With this and many other changes, we aim to show that we are much more than just a cycling team. It’s part of our desire to maintain a fresh, up-to-date image. In that regard, all the changes we have made have been with the idea of representing what we have been, are and will be in mind, but without ever losing sight of the main thing: that the office is a workspace where practicality should be the priority

On what basis were the new offices created?

The main objective was to facilitate teamwork, so we needed to find an office concept with spaces that were as open as possible in order to make the work we do there every day easier. Apart from a few little rooms for small-group meetings and to serve as offices for some of the company’s top executives, the main floor of our headquarters is a single space.

Dynamobel’s Cell desk is part of this new workspace. What are the benefits of this solution?

It’s very much in line with what we wanted from an office. It’s the furniture our admin and logistics staff usually work on, but it’s also the centre of the office floor and somewhere where any member of the team who needs to do office work can sit down and interact with their colleagues. 

So we were looking for generous, wide desks, capable of creating large spaces, something which Cell does to perfection. The detail of the legs, which are not at all intrusive and enhance mobility, is also very important. 

Why did you turn to Dynamobel?

They adapted as much as possible to all our requirements, providing a good service, reasonable prices and, above all, quality. We are very satisfied with their work.