New trends set to mark the development of workspaces in 2023

2023 gets under way with many companies already fulfilling the forecast for the year: the consolidation and vertiginous impetus of new trends in their offices which, as a result, are becoming increasingly collaborative, open, ergonomic, flexible and sustainable spaces. 

These characteristics contribute to the concentration and well-being of their workers and facilitate adaptation to hybrid working, a halfway point between in-office working and teleworking. 

Dynamobel offers products which reinforce and are true to these trends to improve today’s new workspaces. Mesa Cell, EVA Booth & Room, Shelving House and Meeting house are some of the articles which will lead the way as the new year develops and the new trends, which are here to stay, leave their mark:

Open Spaces

Open spaces, friendly environments which enhance workers’ well-being, health and comfort, are becoming more and more frequent in offices.

Our Cell desk augments this sense of openness. Hexagonal in shape, it facilitates collaborative work in the office; while the fact that its height can be regulated enhances its versatility and the comfort it affords, while encouraging healthy habits. The position of the work surface can also be changed and, with it, the posture of the user, which ensures quality ergonomics.  

Individualised, customisable adaptation makes interpersonal meetings possible while maintaining the privacy of other colleagues, all without giving up the sense of openness within the office, which facilitates the exchange of inspiration and talent among those occupying it.

Flexible spaces

Flexibility is another value which defines -or should define- contemporary work dynamics. According to CBRE’s Agile Practice report, in 2023 80% of the companies surveyed already include flexible spaces in their offices and 70% expect to double the amount of work environments of this kind by 2024.

This flexibility is also adapting to the new dynamics between in-office working and teleworking, which calls for a drive to create more collaborative spaces which facilitate coworking and help consolidate the hybrid work models increasingly in use. 

The overall assessment is very positive: in some companies, flexible work and coworking spaces have found great opportunities to continue advancing in the cultivation of flexibility in offices and at work, capable of adapting to the new needs of the present and the future. 

The result of the fusion of furniture and architecture, our Shelving House, a dynamic modular system, also contributes to generating this versatility. A bookcase which structures spaces through the multifunctionality and practicality of its design and helps workers feel at home, its flexibility allows you to create distinct environments which can serve different, interconnected functions according to the needs of each user. 

Collaborative spaces  

Collaborative work is also a prevailing dynamic in workspaces. Following the line of our modular Shelving House system, Dynamobel has also launched other alternatives to create the necessary meeting points for team meetings. Such is the case of our Meeting House, where employees can interact in a comfortable and easy-to-install space thanks to its assembly system. 

With an attractive design and a range of high-quality finishes, the Meeting House generates a warm environment which ensures the comfort of users, who can hold quick meetings that vitalise work and successfully enhance team relationships.

The EVA Booth & Rooms, a set of spaces of different sizes for work and team meetings. The modularity which characterises our EVA programme allows us to expand the range of rooms in different sequences (2×2, 3×3 or 4×4), adapting the size to the work environment we want to achieve according to the dimension of the project to be addressed and the number of people taking part in it.  

Sustainable spaces

Each and every one of the trends mentioned is compatible with a commitment to sustainability and care for the environment, a trend which consists of promoting eco-friendly furniture and energy-saving systems in workspaces.

At Dynamobel, this commitment defines the guidelines for our productive activity, which has earned us environmental certifications such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

We wish to maintain this duty in 2023, promoting eco-friendly furniture and increasingly sustainable workspaces.