Well-being in the office: the key to building quality workspaces

How to ensure worker well-being? It’s clear that many factors both physical and psychological need to be taken into account. This has led to workspaces holding themselves more and more responsible for the care of people and the environment: health and sustainability are now two of the cornerstones which support the functioning of contemporary workspaces. Dynamobel offers innovative solutions that make today’s offices truly flexible and dynamic spaces which favour the worker.

Collaborative and productive

Cell is more than an organic, multi-purpose desk/table, more than a collaborative work system, more than a work concept. Cell encapsulates a working model that allows companies to grow through their most differential asset: their people.

Cell concept by Dynamobel consists of the Cell concept desk/table in its static and height-adjustable work station and meeting table versions, the VIVA Alcoba and Cell pedestals. The workspaces built around the Cell concept help energise work teams, foster collaboration, promote team culture and increase pride in belonging through user engagement, involvement and mutual development.

Multi-usage and ergonomics

The versatility which characterises many of our products is always accompanied by a functional, multi-purpose design. Proof of this are the different models of chairs belonging to the PAD, TRAZO, SLAT, DIS and LINK programmes, capable of adapting different co working and corporate workspaces, and waiting and meetings rooms.

Comfort and functionality

Comfort leads to enhanced productivity levels in the office. Our VIRA, CONIC, TEC and MOVE desks/tables ensure efficiency at work. Thanks to their practical designs, they facilitate both collaborative and individual work, while maximising people’s comfort.

Division and accessibility

Space organisation is a fundamental factor when it comes to favouring accessibility in the office. The modular design of the LINE and TAM programmes, and our galvanised steel partitions (1:10, M92) make it possible to separate certain spaces from others, facilitating mobility.

Light and sound

Light and sound also play key roles in workers’ well-being. An excess or lack of these can have an impact on the quality of their concentration and health.

Dynamobel has products capable of regulating these factors consistently and successfully. Our ACOUSTIC panels, for example, provide spaces with a greater level of acoustic absorption, protecting them from noise that might interfere with work. And our partition systems not only divide certain spaces from others but also maintain the passage of natural light in the office.


Thanks to the wide range of booths and rooms it makes available, Dynamobel’s EVA programme makes it possible to adapt workspaces and their functions in companies as a way to transform organisational culture and departments. Meanwhile, Shelving house is a dynamic, versatile modular system that generates and structures living spaces through multifunctional furniture design.


Our furniture is made with materials which respect the environment. This is another factor that reinforces the quality of a workspace and for which we have recently been awarded the Engagé RSE certificate, an achievement that officially acknowledges responsible business practices such as caring for the planet, society in general and people in particular.

Dynamobel remains committed to building flexible workspaces which are responsible to people and the planet.